We manufacture sophisticated precision mechanical parts. The materials used range from INOX steels of all qualities to titanium and difficult-to-machine cobalt-chromium alloys to exotic plastics such as Kel-F, CRF-PEEK as well as PEKK.

Medical Technology

Our expertise lies in the manufacture of instruments, implants, bone plates, joints and spinal systems, which are of crucial importance for medical technology. Since the early 1990s, we have continuously established ourselves in this sector and successfully serve customers in the fields of medical technology and life sciences.

High tech industry​

Products for the development, operation and maintenance of aircraft, missiles, spacecraft and satellites are manufactured in our company. For space and aviation, we manufacture various products from high-strength aluminum, specially hardened stainless steel and titanium.

Mechanics & Sensors

We produce precise small parts of the highest quality for the sensor industry. We also offer manufacturing services for the watch industry, including the production of high-precision large watch parts such as cases, plates and inner rings.

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