Our people and our work

Our long-time employees help save you a lot of time and money by suggesting optimisation measures at the planning stage itself.

Our long-time employees help save you a lot of time and money by suggesting optimisation measures at the planning stage itself.



  • Marc Plihal
    Marc Plihal CEO
  • Pascal Dürst
    Pascal Dürst COO
  • Markus Weiss
    Markus Weiss Head of Purchasing / Production Planning
  • Aykan Koyutürk
    Aykan Koyutürk Head of Quality Management
  • Michael Fallegger
    Michael Fallegger Head of CNC milling
  • Markus Süsstrunk
    Markus Süsstrunk Head of CNC-turning
  • Mathilde Turpin
    Mathilde Turpin ADMINISTRATION
  • Tamara Losenegger
    Tamara Losenegger Office

we work

Since 1946, we have been supplying our customers, with a focus on medical technology, life science, semiconductors, watchmaking, sensor technology, diagnostics, aerospace and aerospace, with sophisticated precision parts manufactured by machining.

As a one-stop shop, we support our partners from prototypes to series production with complete component assembly, including the procurement of required C-parts. We work exclusively with qualified and long-standing employees and a generous machine park as well as a reliable network of suppliers built up over the years. Constant continuous improvement within the framework of our own financial resources is a priority in order to jointly reach the top in the service of our customers, employees, owners and the environment. Continuous investment in employees, the company, quality management and advanced automation enable us to produce small to large series. The rapidly increasing regulatory requirements can be handled efficiently thanks to a healthy structure, streamlined processes and advancing digitization.

Wymed AG is the preferred partner of its customers due to its performance and quality awareness, and as a one-stop shop is willing to grow with them.

The customer motto is, you develop and sell, we do the rest.


Perfect command of all processes, the perfect execution of all our products, high flexibility and meeting delivery deadlines are our priorities. To drive development in these specific areas, Wymed AG decided in 1992 to integrate its present and future endeavours into a recognised quality certification system.
We are ISO 13485 and FDA certified.

social commitment

 The Bülach-based Wisli Foundation supports people with mental disabilities and offers them a comprehensive range of accommodation, leisure and work facilities. In doing so, we support the foundation and help the affected persons to integrate their work in order to give them a way back into self-employment. Through a partnership, two employees of the Wisli Foundation
in our company at Wymed AG.

The Märtplatz Foundation is a training institution for young people with mental and social difficulties. The focus of the training is on people with their talents, interests and abilities: the strengths are encouraged and technical, professional and professional knowledge is learned and deepened. Specific difficulties and deficits are taken into account in the training process. Once a week, the young people carry out operational maintenance at Wymed AG as part of their training.

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