We are an innovative company specializing in the development and manufacture of sophisticated precision parts. Our products are tailored to the needs of our customers and offer optimal solutions for various applications. Learn more about us, our vision and our values.


Marc Plihal

Pascal Dürst

Markus Weiss
Head Purchasing / Production Planning

Aykan Koyutürk
Head of Quality Management

Michael Fallegger
Head CNC Milling

Markus Süsstrunk
Head CNC Turning

Vivien Büki
Deputy Purchasing / Production Planning

Rahel Furrer
Deputy Quality Management

Michael Schilling
Deputy CNC Milling

Ralf Naake
Deputy CNC Turning

Mark Weisbrod
Sales USA

Mirco Läule

Tamara Losenegger

Natalia Hungerbühler
Business Trainee

How we work

We promote continuous improvement, invest in our employees and drive automation forward. Thanks to our partnership with the Hipp Technology Group, we can offer a technically sophisticated range of parts and are optimally positioned to meet the increasing regulatory requirements.


Process control across all departments, perfect execution in the manufacture of products, high flexibility and on-time delivery are our top priorities.

In order to achieve systematic further development in these areas, we decided to introduce a recognized quality system in 1992.

We are ISO 13485 certified and FDA listed.

Social engagement

The Wisli Foundation in Bülach supports people with mental disabilities and offers them a comprehensive range of services relating to housing, leisure and work. We support the foundation and help those affected with work integration to enable them to return to independence. Thanks to this partnership, an employee of the Wisli Foundation is currently working for us at Wymed AG.

The Märtplatz Foundation is an educational institution for young people with psychological and social difficulties. The focus of the training is on the individual with their talents, interests and abilities: Strengths are encouraged and manual, technical and vocational skills are learnt and deepened. Specific difficulties and deficits are taken into account during the training process. Once a week, as part of their training, the young people carry out a company maintenance programme at Wymed AG.

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